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Looking for a Christmas/Holiday gift? Why not give them a book: "Oakland PD and Police Skills For Civilians: A Tutorial" written by Hayward author, Jason Moreno. This book aims to be both entertaining and educational. It is available at for under $10.00.

Another election, midterm has come and gone. Does this mean there will be major changes benifitting most Americans? Of course not! There are very few changes after any election that benifit most Americans. If we want to share more of our country's wealth and a more equitible use of our tax dollars, we will have to fight for greater Democracy in our country. That fight begins in every city. Join the fight. Help us elect "independents" to office.

East bay residents organize to save Hayward's open space and recreation area: Friends of the Hidden Hills Racquet Clubs

Kudos Chase Bank- is now offerring "free checking accounts" to US military veterans with no strings attached. Yes! No minumum balance is required to qualify for this free checking account. Chase Bank located at Southland, Hayward, is the place to go. Do not go to the Chase Bank on Foothill Blvd., though. Their employees do not know about this offer from their bank, as we found out, recently.
How much corporate greed will Americans accept? Wells Fargo Bank was reported to be charging its customers over 300% interest on certain transactions. Planning to invest in a US Bank Certificate of Deposit (CD)? Beware that they will charge as much as an $1800 fee for early termination, as was recently discovered by a Hayward resident. Planning to purchase 2 season tickets to the Warriors? You’ll have to shell out $28,000 as discovered by another Hayward resident and longtime fan who has seen the light and is no longer a season ticket holder. Why would anyone do business with any of the above? Showman, P. T. Barnum said it best: “there is a sucker born every minute”.
What should you do if you witness a member of the police department or fire department commit a crime, violate an ordinance, or commit an infraction? Start by reporting your observation to the chief of the department as was recently done by a Hayward resident who saw the driver of Fire Engine #1 run a stop sign. We should keep members of pubic safety organizations in line because nobody else is, especially in the City of Hayward.

One business that doesn’t seem to be feeling the effect of any economic “downturn” is that of the veternarian. Local vets are charging an arm and a leg for services and at many offices, staff is not very welcoming. If you find a vet that charges reasonable prices and where the help is courteous, let pet owners know. You will be doing society a great favor. We recommend using the SPCA for spay and neutering.